Aerojav (Aero javelin)

Aerojav USATF 450g




The Aerojav is used as both a competition and training device for javelin throwers. Currently USATF has adopted the Aerojav as the official javelin event for boys and girls ages 11-12.

For training purposes, the Aerojav can be a good tool for helping javelin throwers  learn the technical aspects of the throw. Because of its light weight (450 grams) the Aerojav is highly responsive to mechanical flaws in the throw and allow for more training throws than the heavier javelins.

The SPEARWERX Aerojav ( known as the Ghostjav) differs from other Aerojav manufacturers in several key ways.

  • The Ghostjav has a durable rubber nose and tail that will not break upon landing.
  • The Ghostjav uses a patent pending design to obtain perfect balance.
  • The Ghostjav comes with a rubber grip as a standard option or a corded grip an additional option
  • The Ghostjav shaft is made of advanced composites that will not deform from throwing.