NEW SPEARWERX REAPER - Javelin Elastic Trainer

$ 60.00

The SPEARWERX Reaper is an elastic javelin training device that is used to simulate the motion of the javelin throw. 

Using "Shock Cord Elastic Bands" the REAPER allows the user to adjust the amount of resistance needed for the individual thrower.

The resistance bands can be changed on the fly and are easily replaceable.

There are four elastic bands available. The color of the bands determine the resistance and match our RAPTOR javelin models

  • Blue - Easiest Resistance 1/4"
  • Green- Intermediate Resistance 5/16"
  • Orange- Advanced Resistance 3/8"
  • Black - Maximum Resistance 1/2" (Thickest Band Available Anywhere, Sold Separately)

 The REAPER comes in both 600 and 800 gram models and match the feel of the 600 and 800 gram javelins. The REAPER uses the same grip cord that is on our RAPTOR Javelins. The REAPER comes standard with the Blue, Green, and Orange shock cords.

Oh yeah, the REAPER can be personalized with laser etching!!!!!

Please Allow 1-3 days for shipment for the standard REAPER and 2-5 days for the customized REAPER