SPEARWERX Blue Javelin

SPEARWERX Blue Javelin

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SPEARWERX BLUE is our new entry-level javelin designed for beginners or throwers that have difficulty getting the javelin to land point first. SPEARWERX BLUE has a more forward weight distribution compared to the RAPTOR line of javelins. The forward balance allows the javelin to correct in flight when the thrower "misses the point" during the throw. This is most commonly seen in beginner throwers. 

SPEARWERX BLUE meets all High School, NCAA, AAU, USATF, and IAAF specifications.

The Specifics

  • High Grade Aluminum Alloy Shaft
  • Chrome Plated Steel Head 
  • Forward Balanced
  • Bold New Color
  • Available in 600 and 800 Grams
  • Add Your Name or School Decal on the Javelin
  • Meets all IAAF and USATF Specifications (IAAF Submission in Progress)
  • Outstanding Customer Service After the Sale

Customized options

Custom Decal- We can create a custom decal with your name, school, inspirational quote, etc...


Protection - Each SPEARWERX Javelin is shipped in a rugged, reusable, PVC case.



What makes the RAPTOR different from other javelins? There are many differences, first is the head of the javelin, it is a precisely machined part that is built to perfection, the very tip of the javelin has a replaceable stainless steel point that will not rust and has no parts that can come loose. The RAPTOR will never “rattle”. Other javelins use a cheap steel head that is dipped in nickle plating. Nickle plating chips then the steel rusts underneath.

Some manufacturers (OTE / Nemeth) have an aluminum head but they use carbon steel for their points. Carbon steel will rust! SPEARWERX is the only company in the world using stainless steel points.